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Pine Pollen

Model: Cell Wall Uncracked, Protein>10%

Cell Wall Uncracked Pine Pollen Powder
[Botanical Source]:
 Pinus Massoniana Lamb
[Particle Size]: 80 mesh
[Appearance]: Yellow fine powder
[Specification]: Protein>10%
* 100% natural selected by hand 
* Far from industrial contamination 
* No pesticide residue


Pine pollen is the sperm cell of pine flower. It contains rich elements of life, different nutrients and active substances. Pine pollen has pure and stable quality with no pesticide residues because pine tress are normally wild and pine pollen also contains the most potent source of phyto-androgen rather than animal hormones. 

Nutrition Analysis
According to the research, the nutritious components are categorized into five groups:
(1) 20 kinds of amino acid, 8 of which are essential to the body.
(2) 14 kinds of vitamins.
(3) 30 kinds of mineral elements.
(4) about a hundred kinds of enzymes and active substances.
(5) nucleic acids, fibrins, unsaturated fatty acids, flavonoids, choline, etc.

Pine Pollen RFQ
Q: Does pine pollen contain any impurities? If yes, how are they been eliminated?
Blooming pine pollen/catkins are completely exposed in the air under wild circumstance, it’s inevitable that dust/sand brought by wind and rain will adhere to pine pollen and will be mixed with pine pollen during collection. In addition, pine bark, pine bud,microsporophyll and partial sporangium may also be mixed in.

Above mentioned impurities are all need to be eliminated; and generally there are two ways as dry method and wet method. Dry method could eliminate the impurities by airflow separation technology due to different relative densities of pine pollen and impurities; while wet method is to separate impurities in clear water in the same theory. 

Q: Will wet method to eliminate impurities affect the quality of pine pollen?
Steps of wet method is to put pine pollen into a jar that filled with clear water, and then pine pollen will float on the surface because its light weight and closed cell structure while dust/sand will sink to the bottom. Advantage of wet method is that dust/sand could be eliminated thoroughly. The disadvantages are as:1>Flowability/liquidity will be greatly reduced, 2> Characteristic smell of pine pollen is almost losing, 3> Taste of pine pollen will be lighten, 4>around 20% nutrition may be gone away. Therefore, dry method by airflow separation technology is a better choice to preserve originality of pine pollen.

Q: How to evaluate the quality of pine pollen? 
First, we could evaluate the quality from its appearance, whether the color of pine pollen is light yellow or maize-yellow. Pine pollen with an earthy yellow or other darker color means that this powder has been metamorphic/deteriorated or it has been stored with long period.

Secondly, smell could be a reference to evaluate quality of pine pollen. Fresh and high quality pine pollen is with aroma/fragrance of pine tree, while musty smell or other sourish smell mean inferior quality.Taste could also be an indicator to evaluate the quality. Chewing of certain quantity pine pollen to see whether it carries a taste of bitterness or whether there is any impurities like sand. Without bitter taste but with impurities like sand suggest its poor quality.

Q: How to identify cell wall cracked pine pollen from cell wall uncracked one?
Cell wall uncracked pine pollen is light yellow powder with a sense of satiny when entwisted with fingers, easy to lift in the air, and with great flowability/fluidity. While 
cell wall cracked pine pollen is with strong adhesion/stickiness and loses its flowability/fluidity.

Cell wall uncracked pine pollen could float on the surface of water due to its complete closed cell/gasbag structure; however cell wall cracked pine pollen will sink to the bottom or suspend in the water because its closed cell/gasbag structure has been broken.

Q: Why cell wall cracked pine pollen need to be stored in a sealed container?
1> Preventing pine pollen from caking after absorbing moisture because it owns strong assembly effect and water-absorbing quality after the cell wall is cracked; 2> Preventing pine pollen from growing insects because rich nutrition is easy to attract some insects to breed in a short time after the cell wall is cracked. 3> Preventing some nutrition losing activity because of oxidation; for example enzymes,unsaturated fattyacid and other components is easy to be oxidizded thus losing activity.

Q: What is suggested dosage for pine pollen?
General health preservation: 5g each time, twice a day;
Sub-healthy people: 10g each time, twice a day;
High blood sugar,blood fat and blood pressure and chronic hepatitis: 15g each time, twice a day;
liver cirrhosis, cancer and chemoradiotherapy treatment: 20g each time, twice a day.

Q: When is the best time to take pine pollen in a day?
Based on long-term observation and statistics of pine pollen users, the best time suggested is before breakfast and sleep in a day which could ensure the best absorption effect. Some people may feel discomfort in stomach when take pine pollen before the breakfast, it’s suggested to take it after breakfast to start with and then before the breakfast gradually.

Q: Are there any precautions to take pine pollen?
1> Since pine pollen is a natural nutrition supplement rather than any synthetic product, it won’t show effect in a short period thus it’s very important to stick with it.
2> Take pine pollen on an empty stomach no matter it’s before the breakfast or sleep, 30 minutes before is suggested.
3> The best temperature of hot water to mix with pine pollen is 40 degree centigrade which won’t harm the vitamins and active enzymes contained in pine pollen.
4> The best storage condition for pine pollen is suggested in a cool dry place; and it’s suggested to stored in refrigerator after opening the package. 

Q: Is there any limitation on course of treatment to take pine pollen?
Pine pollen carries more than 200 kinds beneficial nutrition with a balanced proportion which are different from any synthetic products, and most of them are necessary for metabolism but human can’t produce themselves and need to obtain from outsource. Meanwhile, pine pollen is safe for different ages. Therefore, pine pollen could be a long-term natural nutrition supplement without any limitation.

Q: Whether external use of pine pollen requires cracking the cell wall?
It depends, cosmetic application always require cracking the cell wall for a more direct action of nutrition on skin; while it’s not necessary to crack the cell wall if pine pollen is used to stop bleeding on wound or as a talcum powder.

Q: Whether pine pollen could be taken together with honey?
The answer is yes, especially mixing pine pollen in water, honey will be a great taste blender to weaken the bitterness or characteristic taste of pine pollen for some people. One thing to be noted is that the water temperature is suggested to be less than 40 centigrade, or most nutrition of honey will be destroyed.

Q: Will pine pollen trigger sexual precocity of children?
Since most pollen as the generative cell of plant carries high content of sex hormone, some people worry about pine pollen may lead to sexual precocity if children intake of pine pollen. However there are experiments found that sex hormone contained in pine pollen is similar to quantity in milk and other daily foods which won’t cause sexual precocity of children. Most importantly, pine pollen is different from other bee source pollens since it’s collected by manpower thus contains no animal hormone which makes itself much more secure.

Q: Will pine pollen cause any allergic reaction?
There are not too many types of pollens could cause allergy, and those which cause allergy will exert on human via respiratory tract or eyes; which means intake of pine pollen through esophagus will get small chance for allergic reactions. Up to now, there is no sensitization source being found in pine pollen. However for cautiousness, it’s suggested to start with a small dose for allergy sufferers and then increase the dosage if no negative reaction found.

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